DJ Grey_Ski Movie

Brad Struble has been putting together music in one form or another since 1972, with Radio Cora and Radio/Radio on 104.5 Calgary Cable FM and on CJSW, as well as various Live Music Gigs (as Floyd Dan or DJ Grey) Dj Grey/DjGrrr-eh produced shows from the Future Studio starting in 2004, He was apparently a classic Saturday night show on Radio Radio, on cableFM in heavy rotation both from the historic Lougheed Building studios and then RadioRadio Ramsay.

Also a visual artist, Brad continues to exhibit art works in a variety of media including panoramic photography, watercolour/ drawings, sculpture and mixed media installations. He has art works are held in permanent collections. As a designer he continues to work in many mediums ‚ graphic design for print and media, lighting for dance, multimedia for theatre, in interactive experiences for science centres and projections/lighting for entertainment.

Since 2010 as DJ Grrr-eh he has produced ‚ Moving Music‚ A continuing series of 70+ minute productions based on 5 years of testing while actively skiing and biking‚ ‘moving’ music‚ through space and time of all sorts. This generally, but not always, chill mix is designed to be listened to as a background soundtrack‚ planned to match the flow and rhythm of many activities. Smooth blends, and juxapositions of music old and very new are featured.

Warning‚ Please playback‚ Moving Music‚ at moderate volume if listening while actively moving e.g. skiing or boarding, biking in traffic. Open air type headphones are suggested‚ please avoid using earbuds or closed cup type headphones. Thank You.