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1. Pussy strut -Lazy
2. Kitty song- Friend Roulette
3. new realiation -Sublime
4.The fish ( Schindleria Praematurus ) -Yes
5. Mole machine -Simply Saucer
6.Rock on -David Essex
7. Lick it before you stick it -Denise Lasalle
8. The Devil and Coltrane- Ridley Bent
9. I almost lost my mind -Mr.B
10.Tango -4Syfon
11. Fiddle faddle -Neil b. Rolnick & Todd Reynolds
12.Downstream -Supertramp
13. la Cumbancha -Leticia Rodriguez
14. Black cat jive -Savages Y Suefo
15. Masculine and Feminine men -Bonzo dog band
16. Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears -The Monkees
17. Mission Impossible- Lizzy Descloux
18. 4D Suite -Warren Cuccurullo and Ustad Sultan Khan
19. Shake the mind -C Cat Trance
20. Der Führer’s Last Waltz -Laibach