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DJ KITTY SCRATCH Vol.42, July 2016

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DJ KITTY SCRATCH 42-JULY/2016 – Kitty wishes Canada a HAPPY CANADA DAY!

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1.House of mirrors – David McCalum
2.You Only Live Twice – James Bond & His Sextet
3.Agent 0069 – Sylvia Stoun
4.Cable Car- Erik Friedlander
5.Oh how she can dance – Tav Falcos Panther Band
6. Hypno sex ray – The Cramps
7.Finger Toe – Tabukah ‘X’
8.Haute Cultura – Black masala
9.Freedom – Charles Mingus
10.Vibrate – Mack Self
11.I wonder who – Aguaturbia
12.Sxy Eiffel Towers – Bow wow wow
13.Level Up – The Cactus Channel
14.Hawaii 50 – Chaquita Orchestra
15.The silencers – Vicki Carr
16.Take it off – The Boston Baked Beans
17.I wanna eat your pudding – Alis Wayne
18.Happy end – Telex
19.Seeing Maria – Oscar Brown jr. Luiz Henrique
20.The Reader (Malbork) – Bill Ryder-Jones
21.The More I Look At You (feat. José James) – Timo Lassy
22.Happy Hour – M.A.K.U. Soundsyste
23.Mystery girl – Blue Devils
24.Queen of the curves – Bob & The Bearcats
25.Action Woman – Naz Nomad & The Nightmares
26.Get it Over – Giuda
27.We don’t care now – Gumbo
28. Bad Moon Rising – The Meteors
29.Along The Wa -Bill Laswell
30. D’Un Joc de Flors – L’Ham de Foc
31. La danse du serpent – Haïdouti Orkestar