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After two lovely nights its easy to believe he can be less nasty, take me . . . .

101 Welcome to my Grrr-eh’s – Show, Moving Music _ 2015 Shambhala Series (1 of 5) _ Fractal River. Imagine a Ancient Cedar Grove throbbing with the full spectrum clean sound @ 100db, lasers, all by a glacier fed mountain stream in BC, 360 BASS base, pyramid lasers, video mapping of the sunflowers. This road mix is a soundtrack of EM Artists mostly mellow or have a good real string section playing this year, and then weirdly so Jazzy Jeff – music mostly in the Fractal Forest.

Might suitable for a filtered light of a late afternoon or full moon night.

101 Moving Music _ 2015 Shambhala Series (1 of 5) _ Fractal River

helpless – zinc
Feel The Volume – Jauz
Walkin’ (Original Mix) – Amtrac
All I_Want – Jesse Rose & Oliver $
Hard To Believe (Funkaholism EP) – Beat Fatigue
take care of mine – Zinc
Sex (AC Slater Remix) – Rome Fortune x OG Maco
The Farewell (Smalltown DJs Remix) – Ouici
For Dreamers – The Funk Hunters
Party Remedy – Stickybuds
Good Music – A.Skillz
Hyperspace – Kastle & Amtrac
Nasty – 5A – The Funk Hunters & DJ Wood
Should Be Higher (Amtrac Remix) – Depeche Mode
Room Test Dirty – Jazzy Jeff – Dayne Jordan