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DJGrrr-eh (DJGREY) MM54 – DanjerSound

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This weeks DJGrrr-eh’s – show, Moving Music is titled ‘Danjer Sound’ – Starts out with a bunch of recent classic house_electronica tracks and Pink Floyd! – More remixes of Jimi – Deep Purple – and more Pink Floyd – Mostly I’m a real suck for those epic guitar solo’s, try the Adrien Belew in the Zappa piece. then Fela! and the Dan – how can you go wrong. Get down underground – a late night show most likely.

Sergio Levels, Astrud Gilberto, DJ Danjer, Fissunix, Lance Herbstrong, ((new every friday))

DJGrrr-eh (DJGREY) Moving Music_Danjer Sound

Species – Sergio Levels
Another Brick In The Wall Fm Live Edit – Dj Fm Live & Pink Floyd
Lazy (JUST2 Edit) – X-Press 2 Feat. David Byrne
Fly Me To the Moon (Kaskade Remix) – Astrud Gilberto
My Danjer Sound – Dj Danjer Feat. Ash
Down Underground – Miguel Migs & Shades of Gray
Starlight Traffic – Jimi & Fissunix
Smoke on the water – Deep Purple & DJ DOH
Echoes (Lance Herbstrong Remix) – Lance Herbstrong
Yo Mama – Frank Zappa & Adrien Belew
No Possible (Joystick Jays Vulgar Distractions Edit) – Fela Kuti
Do it Again – Kenny Summit – Kenny Summit & Steely Dan
radionowinyourdreams – Firesign Theatre