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Holding out in expectation of auditory trance, echo’s, rhythm and harmonic variation.

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Welcome to Grrr-eh’s – Show, Moving Music _ Softer Slo’r Series _ Vibrolux – includes an extended mix from Rameses B – Softer Slo’r as usual – strings/synth/continueo lines, is slowing and likely relaxing. Softer Slo’r Series is another new re-occurring series of shows from me – more aligned with my old Ski Movie Music shows of a few years ago, that is largely chilled out tracks.

Waste some time waste it again and again and again – may help slow down life.

95 Grrr-eh _ Moving Music _ Softer Slo’r Series _ Vibrolux

‘Sleepless’ Chillout Mix – Rameses B
Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness (Esionjim Remix) – Shpongle
Relaxation – Franck Orff
La fille de Pékin – Frédérick Rousseau
The Suburbs (Continued) – Arcade Fire
Deora Ar Mo Chroi – Enya
Sonofanothamutha – Herbaliser