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Grrr-eh’s – Show, Moving Music _ Shamb-Hala Special Series (2 0f 3) _ GroveTheatre. Imagine a Cedar Grove throbbing with the full spectrum clean sound @ 100db, lasers, by a glacier fed mountain stream in BC. This road mix is a soundtrack of EM Artists mostly mellow or have a good real string section playing this year 2014 – mostly in the Grove, or The Village, or Fractal Forest.

Might suitable for a filtered light of a late afternoon or full moon night.

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Beats Antique, Lucent Dossier, The Human Experience, Bassnectar, Tur, Traits ((3 Shambhala))

66 Grrr-eh _ Moving Music _ Grove Theatre Make You Feel – Phaeleh Mazamet [Deep Heads] MST – Statek Aqueous Mystified – Lucent Dossier Rises In the East (The Human Experience Remix) [master] – Kalya Scintilla The Fire Inside – Quixotic and The Human Experience Fratres for Violin and Piano – ( Arvo Part Remix – Beats Antique) – beats antique Take my breath away (feat. Felicia Santilla) – Jacoo F.U.N. – Bassnectar & Seth Drake Rock The Boat (AtYyA Remix) – Aaliyah Maybe Next Lifetime (King Britt Ambient Mix) – Manuel Tur 2013-08-13BRS.Traits Speakerbox Beach Mix 2 – Traits