DJ KITTY SCRATCH Vol.8 September

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PLAYLIST September /13

1.Transcendental Moonshine -Steroid Maximus
2. The new west -Spin Drift
3. Moon 2 -Kenneth Thibideau
4.Be what you are – Supermax
5.Secret Chiefs 3 – Assassin’s Blade
6. Michelle Johnson -Meshell Ndegeocello
7. People’s pleasure park – Duritti column
8. My bruise- Jarboe with Lary Seven
9.We’re the only ghosts here – Tarentel
10. Pony -Annette Peacock
11. Hear me -Golden wing
12. Summer fever _Los Chicharrons
13. Low order _eardrum
14. Masturbation -Bobby Gaylor
15. Down and dirty -James Chance and the terminal city
16. Get my rocks off – Dr. Hook and the medicine show
17. C is for cookie – cookie monstore
18. Rear entry jazz – No luck club

A mix of it all and some records too! SCRAAATCH!!!MEOW MEOW