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DJGrrr-eh (DJGREY) MM50 – James

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This weeks DJGrrr-eh’s – show, Moving Music is titled ‘James’ – as in James Brown who kicks it off the top with 3 remixes including the brilliant Fissunix piece, beats hard until it settles down a thru some electronica and instrumentals – some post 20th Century musics – then funks out to the end (and kills a million brain cells) – could work for for a early (or late night) moving (if you have ants in your pants!).

James Brown X4, SkiiTour, Boards of Canada, Disclosure, Moby ((new every friday))

DJGrrr-eh (DJGREY) Moving Music_James

My Thang (Regrooved by DJP) – James Brown
Mind Power – James Brown
Whole Sex Lotta Machine (the Drumloop, the Guitar Riff & the Super Bad) – Fissunix
On Top – SkiiTour & Slynk
Pump Up The Jam (MOTSA Rebass) – Technotronic
84 Pontiac Dream (checkers remix) – Boards of Canada
Jim The Jinn – De-Phazz
Manho Do Novembre (Lost Mix) – Oscar Ramirez
Echoes – Glender
Latch (Hide&Seek Remix) – Disclosure
Look Back In – Moby
Journey Into Dust – Project
PostMinimalistGroove3 – VK
La La Land (MOTSA Remake) – Green Velvet
james brown words – NPR
I Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want to Dance) – James Brown