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Mary’s Web #1036 – Oct.29/23

  • Mary’s Web #1036
  • DJ Mary Flavors
  • Mary’s Web #1036
  • DJ Mary Flavors
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 Mary’s Web #1036- Oct.29/23

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Intro to Mary’s Web by Dennis Burton (R.I.P.)!

-23 is 2023 releases and the rest are 2022 or earlier

Draculo  – Otto von Schirach
From the bones of the dead  – Memoria
Corpse on a Roof –  The Blind Shake-halloween!
Ghost Safari  – The Buttertones
Blood Moon –  Jason McCue
I Got the Devil  – The lucid dream
devil in me  – Emily Stranger
In The Dark –  The Gaslamp Killer
Pain Boy  – Harsher
War With The Devil (Dangerous Original Devil Mix)  – Johnny Dangerous
Bewitched  – Peter Bruntnell
“Devil Take Away”  – Danny Elfman
Ghost  – Rulers
Banana Monster  – Ne Répond Plus Stereolab
Superbeast [Kraddy Remix] –  Rob Zombie
Under The Piles Horror (feat Your Government)  – Mary Ocher
Beast Sting –  Tobacco
It’s the Nail that Counts, Not the Rope –  Doomsquad
The Werewolf  – Figure
Green Monster couples resort commercial sample- Dennis Burton
The Devil You Know –  Lili Haydn
Dracula  – Amen Dunes
Suicide (will not save you from this darkness that comes for us all)  – Hypatia Lake
Darkness  – Rage Against The Machine
Grey Ghost  – Beshken