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MW-590 April 12/15

* – 2015 release,others are 2014 or earlier!

With special guest DJ Stells Bells 🙂

1.Amoniac – PHILM
2.Dirty   – Bugs  In The Dark
3.Texan Thugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll – Slave To The Squarewave
4.All of this – Leila
5.Mr. E’s beautiful blues – EELS

6.Cosmic Radiation – Clinic
7.From Your Heart –   Catz ‘N Dogz vs Peter Bjorn and John
8.Visions Of The Moon – Pere Ubu*
9.Four Gardens   – Julia Holter
10.Take Me Back (feat. World Wild—)- Kalax

11.Ransom – Son Lux
12.Ricotta – Pechuga de Pollodiabolo
13.Hazy –     Darkness Falls*
14.Modern West –    Garden City Movement*

15.We Lost –    Lapalux*
16.Tiny Black Drone (Rockets Aimed True remix) –    True Deceiver*
17.CCA –     KNTRLR*
18.Witching Hour – Houndstooth*