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Mary’s Web 872 Sept.6/20

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Mary’s Web # 872  Sept. 6, 2020

SYMBOL ” – 20” means  2020 Release and rest are 2019 and earlier

Intro to Mary’s Web by Dennis Burton (R.I.P.)

Shuro –  Mâhfoud, Joep
Body Servants – Ikonika -20
Human Birds – Adriak remixed by Mom, Soble -20
Watumbia (Watusi feat. Colectivo Algoritmo) (Forest Louche Remix) – Watusi feat. Colectivo Algoritmo (Forest Louche Remix) -20
That Swing – Soul Square
Brother Of Soul – Ife Bobowa (Ron Trent Remix)- 20
Deletion Complete (Feat Jennie Bellestar) – Dogtablet
Fire Ring Beat-  Drumspyder
Kameari Mode – Exitpost
The Astronomer (Heath and Skaggs) – UNA
Dance me to the end of love – Leonard Cohen
Ended With The Night – Caravan Palace -20
Bertrand Burgalat/ Aux Cyclades Electronique – Elisabeth Butterfly
Eggs – Vanishing Twin
Fun Fair – The Last Detail
Dr. Echt – Laurel Halo
Natural Nature – A.Karperyd
Gongs and Bells Sing – Laurie Anderson and the Kronos Quartet
If Rah – Underworld
call the police-  LCD Soundsystem
1st Man In Space – The All Seeing I
The End Of Things – Gary Numan