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Mary’s Web # 893  Jan.31/21

Intro to Mary’s Web by Dennis Burton (R.I.P.)

-21 is 2021 releases and the rest are 2020 or earlier

Bitterman – Soulsavers
Honeycomb  – Lake Turner
Echoes of You  – OVEOUS
Short man’s vindication (Grant Lazlo remix) – Bob Brozman
Comfort Eagle –  CAKE
Dennis Burton ID
In The Sands –  NIHITI
Hazel – Little War (Feat. Wovette) –  Dukes of Chutney
Let Me On  – Jesse Evans
How To Start A Revolution  – Wrangler
Paradise Island –  Mr. BOngo
Orit Station Id
Certain Versions  – Slumber Party
Silence On The Radio  – Echobelly
When I Was Yesterday  – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Less Of Me Teenage  – Jesus and the Jerks
Red Viper  – Azu Tiwaline
Die Peitsche des Lebens  – Der Plan
DJ Break- Johnny from OYR!
She’s My Baby  – Mazzy Star
False Positive  – Childman
Bug Rain –  Looper
Side Scan  – Daniele Baldelli & Marco Fratty
Trenton Chase  – Wind Shear
Mirrors In Your Eyes –  Soundpool