DJ Grey

MM 239 July 27 /18

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A radio show that asks the question – how does he make his voice do that.

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This weeks Grrr-eh’s – Show, is all talk!!! – Firesign Theatres _ In The Next World (this another perennial fav dick – Random Coolzip), . This selection covers about another 35 years of Firesign Theatre work. Brought to you my Ralph Spoilsport Motors, DNA Sports Events,Chef Troofle, Billy Jacking, Geogre L’ Tinebibber look for the bottle shaped like a paper bag.

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Dr. Firesign Series is a new series of shows for Grrr-eh.

239 DjGrrr-eh – Firesign Theatre – In The Next World July 27, 2018

What This Country Needs – Proctor And Bergman (0:50)
youlied – Firesign Theatre
Beat St. Jack’s “Famous Accountants School” – The Firesign Theater (2:30)
PapoonNominated!PrezOffToMars! – Firesign Theatre (5:28)
The Arts Of Defense – The Firesign Theater
Unwanted Workers Of America – The Firesign Theater (8:12)
Mask Your Movies! – The Firesign Theater (10:04)
In The Next World We’ve Lost the Big Kabloona – Firesign Theatre (11:50)
Chef Troofle – Firesign Theatre (33:50)
In The Next World Police Street – Firesign Theatre (34:20)
The Ralph Spoilsport Mantrum – The Firesign Theatre (55:42)
Le Trente-Huit Cunégonde – The Firesign Theater (1:00:05)
S**t Happens! – The Firesign Theater (1:07:10)