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MM 250 OCt12 /18

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Welcome to DJ Grrr-eh’s, Special Series of moving music, this week with the rare ‘other’ series, entitled, St. Vincent. Within almost the next hour is contemporary avant pop, from one of the true innovators (lyrics and torrid guitars) of modern pop forms. With Special addition of David Byrne’s and St. Vincent’s Duo effort complete with a horn array.

‘Other’ is my new series of mostly unclassifiable music all crashed ((skillfully)) together.

No bonus points awarded for revealing Anne Erin Clark’s love interest from years back now?

250 Other Series – St. Vincent – October 12, 2018

Lightning – David Byrne & St. Vincent (0:22)
Who – David Byrne & St. Vincent (4:27)
Landmines – St. Vincent (8:15)
Los Ageless – St. Vincent (13:09)
Digital Witness – St. Vincent (17:35)
Fast Slow Disco – St. Vincent (20:32)
Paris Is Burning – St. Vincent (23:30)
Birth In Reverse – St. Vincent (27:30)
Now, Now – St. Vincent (30:40)
The Apocalypse Song – St. Vincent (34:50)
The One Who Broke Your Heart – David Byrne & St. Vincent (38:34)
Ice Age – David Byrne & St. Vincent (42:17)
The Bed – St. Vincent (45:27)
Pills – St. Vincent (49:07)
New York (Tubular Bootleg) – St. Vincent (53:43)