DJ Grey

MM 262 Jan.4/19

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There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.

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Hello seekers, what follows is a DJGrrr-eh’s, special presentation called echoland massage, part one. It’s an audio landscape of Marshal McLuhan’s audio media explorations with the help of some of his friends, musicians, Jarrod Storms and Peter Moller, are you ready, are you really ready, OK hold on, here goes everything all at once, kinda.

MM262 _ Special Presentation _ Echoland Massage, Part One, January 4, 2019

Marshall’s Theme – Marshall McLuhan
Medium is the Massage (Columbia)Side A – Marshall McLuhan
WarningSound – Peter Moller
‘Collect Call’ Environment – Marshall McLuhan
McLuhan Megalopes – The SOFAR Channel
Thick Ideas – Marshall McLuhan
Go With It – smol
WarningSound – Peter Moller
Angelic Man per kaleidoscope ((Jónsi, Tiesto, Marshall McLuhan, & Clay Shirky)) – Jarrod Storms
Eyecon/Earcon – Marshall McLuhan
Who loves me ((Pretty Lights & Marshall McLuhan)) – Jarrod Storms
Living At The Speed Of Light – Marshall McLuhan
WarningSound – Peter Moller
Optimistic Voices – The Wizard Of Oz Film Cast