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MM 267 March 15/19

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On a whimsically adulterous night in the early 1980’s language was still in disorder

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Special Thanks to for the archive of Calgary (and some other) Music digitized from Cassette and otherwise.

Whoa, a much different Moving Music show, this one goes back to the early 80’s, in Calgary Canada, contains a few of the many rock or new wave bands who played at a kind of community Nightclub and Performance Art Space called ‘Ten Foot Henry’s’, ready for a Blast from the past, get back.

267 Moving Music_Special Ten Foot Henry’s – 15 March 2019

Wasting Time – Animal Slaves ((0:25)
On A Whimsically Adulterous Night with Batman’s Wife – Kirk Miles (4:22)
Clifton Walker’s Blues – Left Book Club (5:25)
Elvis on Velvet – Sacred Heart of Elvis (10:53)
FinalStep – RipChords (13:10)
Heartstop – Now Feeling (16:41)
7 Seconds to Heaven – Golden Calgarians (20:49)
Swim To Me – Bolera Lava (24:34)
Chinese Cafe – Animal Slaves (29:19)
LanguageInDisorder – RipChords (33:09)
Brand New Set of Lies – Now Feeling (39:39)
Mechanoid – The Presence (43:55)
Chosen Few – The Nex’d (47:40)
Funky Babylon – The Will… (52:45)
Bathed in Dark Light – Tau Ceti (56:20)
Supergirl in the Blossom Factory – Kirk Miles (1:01:30)
Real Calgary Song – Eugene Chadbourne (1:02:50)