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MM 305 Jan.3/20

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Hello seekers, what follows is a DJGrrr-eh’s, special presentation called echoland massage, part two. It’s an audio collage, of Marshal McLuhan’s, audio medium explorations, with the help of some of his friends, musicians, and the guardian’s big ideas podcast, are you ready, OK hold on, here goes everything all at once, kinda.

“All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and artificial values.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

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305 Moving Music_Special Echoland Massage Part Two – 3 January 2020

McLuhanville Intro – Marshall McLuhan
Medium is the Massage (Columbia) Side B – Marshall McLuhan
Organizing Ignorance For Discovery – Marshall McLuhan
Mass Man – Marshall McLuhan
Acoustic Space – Marshall McLuhan
Sound-Light Shows ((Shed, Marshall McLuhan, Terence McKenna, & Neil Postman)) – Jarrod Storms
Big Ideas podcast: The medium is the message –
Wordy Rappinghood (Mr.eNeX 2016 Nu Funky Mix) – Tom Tom Club
Our Voices – CloZee
Marshal McLuhan 1965 (Circuits) – Kid Mania
05 A Night in the Rainforest – Unknowable Sound
Accourdial Space Vault stereo master for BRS – Wade McGregor
Chorus Plasma Waves – Space NASA
whale songs 2 – Whales
Violin Walk – Laurie Anderson