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MM 322 may 1/20

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Hey loyal listeners, Welcome to DJ Grrr-eh’s, moving music, number 322, this week with a special show, titled, Joni and Friends (two of three or four Joni specials planned). This show rolls and flows, with tributes, live shows and a couple unique Prince pieces, Keep dancing Joni, and dream on. Can you guess which song is not written by Joni?

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There are things to confess that enrich the world, and things that need not be said. – Joni Mitchell

322 Moving Music_Special_Joni + friends – 1 May 2020

Free Man In Paris – Joni Mitchell (0:35)
The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines – Joni Mitchell (3:32)
Jericho – k.d. lang (6:53)
My Best To You – Joni Mitchell (10:34)
Blue – Sarah McLachlan (13:24)
Tiger Bones – Joni Mitchell (16:04)
Woodstock (Live) – Joni Mitchell (20:18)
Dreamland (Live) – Los Lobos (25:24)
You Turn Me on I’m a Radio (Live) – Joni Mitchell (31:00)
A Case Of You – Prince (34:00)
Magdalene Laundries – EmmyLou Harris (35:41)
Night Ride Home – Joni Mitchell (39:10)
God Must Be a Boogie Man (Live) – Joni Mitchell (42:18)
You Dream Flat Tires (Live) – Joni Mitchell (46:15)
Help Me – k. d. lang (49:06)
U’re Gonna C Me – Prince (52:50)
Boho Dance – Bjork (58:01)