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MM 325 may 22/20

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Hi Hi, Welcome to DJ Grrr-eh’s, moving music, this week with a Paz and Jop show, titled, Flying. This show features some really old and some newer pop/alt songs along with some remix/redo and experimental tracks, All manner of flying is featured from birds to UFO’s, enjoy

I have always felt it is my 
destiny to build a machine 
that would allow man to fly. 
- Leonardo da Vinci
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325 Moving Music_PazJop Flying – 22 May 2020

Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix (0:00)
The Letter – The BoxTops (2:23)
Come Fly With Me – Frank Sinatra (4:21)
Fly Like An Eagle Steve Miller Band (7:35)
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! – The Beatles (11:57)
Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) – Lorrie Morgan (14:31)
Over The Rainbow – The Wizard Of Oz Film Cast Feat. Judy Garland (18:00)
Aerial – Moby (20:29)
The Night Flight From Houston – Laurie Anderson (24:22)
Flying Over The Dateline – Moby (25:58)
Beyond The Clouds [Wintuk] – Cirque Du Soleil (30:40)
Eternal Flight – Unknowable Sound (34:16)
El UFO Cayó – Ry Cooder (40:10)
Homebase (UFO Remix) – Kamien / dZihan (48:01)
Have You Seen The Saucers – Jefferson Airplane (56:08)