DJ Grey

MM 326 may 29/20

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Hello movement seekers, what follows is a DJ Grrr-eh, Rise Up show, its a danceable presentation called PirateTown, Contains lots of recent techhouse dance music, if you’ve got red shoes, well put them on now . . . with special thanks to Pirate O’Connell

Pirate was going to be 
my middle name, 
but then my uncle 
had a problem with it 
because pirates are bad. 
- Billie Pirate Eilish

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DJG326 Rise Up Series, PirateTown – 29 May 2020

Jubatus – Metafloor
Anuk Krakatau (Instrumental Club Version) – Lewis James
Creep (Jonnas B Remix) – Radiohead
ilomilo (Franccesco Cardenas- bootleg remix) – Billie Eilish
Concentrate – STUND – Westwood X
everything i wanted (Triaddix Remix) – Billie Eilish
Yield – Nate C. The Chief
I Love You (Monarke Remix) – Billie Eilish
Energy [LAK7-EP04] (1) – Jarrad Cleofé
Wow I’m On Fyre (Reynor Mashup) – Reynor
This Is House 2 – DYRANGE
San Chuncky Disco (Reynor Mashup) – Reynor
Party People (Whoomp There It Is) – Don Paolo
Hypnotized (Extended Mix) – DLMT