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MM 328 june 12/20

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Welcome to DJGrrr-eh’s, Moving Music, the Other Series, titled Glasses, has a lot of Philip Glass music, as well as some similar serial music forms. Its difficult listening for some, you are officially warned.

“If you don’t know 
what to do, 
there’s actually 
a chance of 
doing something new.”
― Philip Glass

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DJG328 Grrr-eh _ Moving Music _ Other Series _ Glasses June 12. 2020

Candyman Theme (It was always you, Helen) – Myuu
I. Anthem of the Great Spirit: The Summons – Kronos Quartet
Reich: Tokyo/Vermont Counterpoint – Mika Yoshida
Knee Play 1 – Philip Glass Ensemble
Metamophosis One – Philip Glass
Morning Passages – Philip Glass
Floe – Philip Glass
2/2 – Brian Eno
Prophecies – Philip Glass
Baraka Theme – Michael Stearns