DJ Grey

MM 331 July 3/20

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Its an Unofficial Artists from Basscoast 2020 Not on the road tunes collection – 1 of 2

Welcome to DJ Grrr-eh’s, Moving Music, this week with another Special Series, titled, Basscoast Trees. Within the next hour are current songs by artists that wanted to be featured in this years Basscoast Festival, please accept this humble collection of music, all rights reside with the respective artists, some edits were made to keep the file sizes reasonable. Imagine a Stage Called Radio (In the Trees).

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DJG331 Grrr-eh _ Moving Music _ Special Series _ BASS COAST Trees July 3. 2020

Blue Tusk – The Librarian (0:09)
Dribble – Constrict (3:47)
Moon Illusion (Extended Mix) – The Librarian (9:37)
Untitled Horn – SpectraSoul (12:24)
Martin Bros DnB Yule Log (edit) – Andy C + Shimon/Mutated Forms (18:35)
Consumed – CharlestheFirst (20:28)
Sweet Trees – Lazy Syrup Orchestra (24:15)
No Dimmer (ft. Chynna) – CharlestheFirst (27:25)
Live Upright Dub – Pugilist (31:44)
Counter Glow – Lone (36:48)
OR:LA Dispatch Agency Mix (edit) – Sage Caswell – Narcotic Syntax (40:58)
Energy – Handsome Tiger (55:51)