DJ Grey

MM 336 August 7/20

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Its finally time for some Lounging, welcome to show number 336, called De-Phazz Craze, featuring De-Phazz and a few likeminded friends, here we go, sit back relax and faze out

A blend of electronica and down-tempo hip-hop, urban and ethereal, street and ambience. quotes from older songs/ movies to add some type of strange effect. Featuring psychedelic atmospheres thought provoking, sensual, and deep. with female vocals. Occasionally with rap. Trancy and smooth. often jazzy. It’s head nodding music. “Chill-out music” To a lesser extent, the sound also borrows from house and reggae
– description of trip hop from various sources
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DJG336 Grrr-eh _ Moving Music _ Special Series _ De-PhazzCraze August 07. 2020

Good Boy (ManMachineMan Remix) – De-Phazz (0:10)
You Stayed – De-Phazz (7:09)
Wait – De-Phazz (11:13)
Time Slips – De-Phazz (15:00)
Bad Man and Rollin – Minus 8 (18:54)
Style – De-Phazz (23:34)
No Jive (Ripped Version) – De-Phazz (28:18)
Hero Dead And Gone (Reversed Mix) – De-Phazz (32:30)
Nightmare – De-Phazz (37:06)
Dave Duddley – Tosca (40:42)
Looks – De-Phazz (45:05)
My Precious With Lady Bird – Llorca With Lady Bird (49:10)
The Novel Sound – Llorca (54:17)
The Mambo Craze (Swing Mix) – De-Phazz (1:02:07)