DJ Grey

MM 345 Oct.9/20

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Journey with me, around the world, from up here in Canada, to explore WorldBeat and more, this week from a Lump Records, show 345, called Southern. Within the next hour are mid tempo, worldly songs both current, original and remixed. World travel from Home!

World music is about taking things from different places and bringing them together – which is great. – Youssou N’Dour

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345 Moving Music – WurldBeats Southern – 9 October 2020

Habibi (Dj Khaikhan Remix_Chile) – Jota Karloza
Siwa (Diass Version_Egypt) – Hot Oasis
Govinda (Zuma Dionys Remix_Germany) – Acado
Azahar (Estray Deep Inner Peace Remix_South Africa) – The Soul Brothers
La Mer T’Appelle (Hot Oasis Remix_Romania) – Valentin Ilie & Livia Andrei
Satya (Slow Nomaden Remix_Germany) – Troja
Sophonisbe (Zone+ Interpretation_France) – Jugurtha
Avevibz (The Soul Brothers Remix_Israel) – Laroz Camel Rider
Fula (original mix) Lump_Costa Rica ॐ – Jose Solano
Yalla (Danito & Athina Remix_Israel) – Shai T & Proshe