DJ Grey

MM 351 nov 20/20

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Hi, Hi movement seekers, what follows is a Rise Up show, its a danceable presentation called Migs and Friends, Contains lots of California house music, if you’ve got red shoes around the house, time to put them on, and get moving.

With special thanks to Miquel Migs

In all the music that deals with experimental repetition, drum and bass, dub, various kinds of house music, there’s always been a quality of atmosphere and ambience. – Bill Laswell

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DJG351 Moving Music, Rise Up Series, Lift – 20 November 2020

Everything – Miguel Migs (0:00)
This Feelin (feat. Andy Allo) – Miguel Migs (5:16)
Just Friends – Wantigga (10:30)
Just Fade Away (feat. Lisa Shaw) – Miguel Migs (13:01)
Flavour remix_master – Mr Vautour (17:45)
This Melody (feat. Lisa Shaw) [Salty Space Rub] – Miguel Migs (22:22)
Emotions – Long & Harris (27:30)
Lost Messages (Salted Rub) – Miguel Migs (31:56)
Misunderstood (feat. Coco Bonne) [Stripped & Salty Vocal] – Miguel Migs (36:50)
Moving Light (feat. Lisa Shaw) [Deep Feels Dub] – Miguel Migs (42:30)
Sweet Talk (Urulu ‘Works For Me’ Dub) – Jessie Ware (47:00)
Rhythm Touch (Deep & Salty Rub) – Miguel Migs (53:40)
Do It for You (feat. Li’sha) [Jay-J’s Shifted Up Vocal Mix] – Miguel Migs (58:35)