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Hi, Hi noble listeners, welcome to show number 370, Global beats this week, the presentation, titled Some East, you might guess has an eastern flavour, you will get the beats, and you may wish to think globally.

“Just when you think we’re living in a little bit of a divided world, music brings us together. – Luis Fonsi

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370 Moving Music_Globalbeats_Some East 2 April 2021

Amphitrite (Original Mix) – The Muhammads (0:00)
Prana (original mix_India) – K-os Theory (9:15)
Ya Ahl El Mehaba (original mix_Egypt) – Waleed Mowafy (14:43)
Persia (original mix) – Ben Beckman (21:35)
Ahenk (Original Mix_Turkey) – Erhan Yılmaz (26:16)
Karma (original mix) ॐ – Zisis D (32:00)
ॐ Flying Carpet (Troja Edit) ॐ – Eleat feat. Bahramji (38:38)
Dreamtree Raga 7 – Adham Shaikh (44:30)
Seventy two nations (Jack Essek) – LANDR-Dadawah (51:50)
Chinese Trip – CloZee (57:42)