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A radio show that gazes at the Moon and always knows what to say

Welcome to Grrr-eh’s – Show, Moving Music an episode of the Softer Slo’r Series _ entitled – To the Moon, this one largely spacey electronica. – A collection of moony tunes, bunch of instrumental if you will, I’m not sure where its usefulness lies, perhaps good as a backgrounder on a long trip to our Moon, she said kicking a star.

Softer Slo’r Sessions is another new re-occurring series of shows for Grrr-eh – more aligned with my old Ski Movie Music shows of a few years ago, that is largely chilled out tracks.

You got it all, everybody loves you and you can charm Gravity’s Angel.

134 Grrr-eh _ Moving Music _ Softer Slo’r Series _ To the Moon

Overture – Cirque Du Soleil (0:00)
Vapour-Ice – Mark Vidler / Go Home Productions (1:10)
Prophecy Theme (By Brian Eno) – Toto (4:20)
DeltaIVAudioDopSft 2 – NASA (7:30)
Sail To the Moon – Radiohead (7:40)
Moon – Michael’s Uncle (11:30)
The Moon – John Cale (13:53)
The Dream – The Orb (17:30)
Bolastar Galactica (Bach’s Trip Voice Booty) – Bola vs Bear McCreary (22:30)
Le Soleli (Bigga Bush’s Dublostcontrolmix) – Razoof (30:05)
God Storm (Grrreh Remix) – Mychael Danna (34:56)
Moon (The Slips Remix) – Björk (38:07)
Part II(take 2) – Bill Laswell (44:10)
Gravity’s Angel (Bottin Edit) – Laurie Anderson (49:25)
Outside Of Space & Time – David Byrne & St. Vincent (55:32)