DJ Grey

MM157 DEC 30

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A Radio show that thinks it ain’t no sin to dance around in your bones.

Welcome to another episode of DJGrrr-eh’s|DJ Grey – Show, Moving Music _ Other Series (Challenging Listening @ its best) _ Yes NYE – has a lot of wide selection of music style-isms going down, some with political edge – you will catch Art Music, Experimental Jazz and Rock. Mostly its about Art Ensemble of Chicago (Soweto for this recording) some old ‘live’ Frippertronics, even a bit of Techno and Calgary Art Music from Murphy’s Planet and Pete Moller and the SF.CA tUnE-yArDs.

‘Other’ is my new series of mostly unclassifiable music all crashed ((skillfully)) together.

Political Correctness Not SO Much, please welcome djgrrr-eh.

157 Other Series – Yes N Y E – Dec 30, 2016

NYE Countdown (interFEAR Bootleg) – interFEAR (0:00)
You Know Im No Good – Amy Winehouse & ALOK (5:00)
G Cars…G Men – Murphy’s Planet (10:45)
Its Saturday – Peter Moller (13:51)
U.S.of A.- U.of S.A. – Art Ensemble of Soweto (18:05)
Rubber Shirt – Frank Zappa (35:50)
T’ain’t No Sin (Feat. Burroughs) – Tom Waits (39:00)
Bizness – tUnE-yArDs (40:49)
Good Morning Suite – De-Phazz (45:00)
amnesia a machine for pigs remake – Jessica Curry (46:35)
The Devine Word – John Zorn (51:55)
Frippertronics One – Robert Fripp (54:20)