DJ Grey

MM166 march 3

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A radio show that knows there is a child in it (somewhere).

A radio show that asks please play loudly in a residential area.

Welcome to this weeks DJGrrr-eh’s|DJ Grey – Show, Moving Music _ Rise Up Sessions _ ‘True Magic’ Of course this show keeps up the usual pace of other Rise Ups. Some tracks fairly recent, thick with house beats, not always suitable in your house. Special thanks to the Brits for inspiring this collection.

Rise Up Series is a continuing series of mostly electronic dance music.

Who doesn’t pray for Love but prays for cars?

166 Grrr-eh _ Moving Music _ Rise Up Series – TrueMagic, March 3, 2017

Faded Denim Wash – Ursula 1000 (O:00)
Starboy (feat. Daft Punk) – The Weeknd (04:25)
Complete Madness – Smalltown DJs & Peep This (8:03)
Kill my Love (Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo, Sam Divine ft. Amy Lyon) – Hannah Wants (12:25)
6 Waves (Original Mix) – 6Souther, Afrobeat (19:02)
Leaving Me Again – Todd Terry & Stuart Ojelay
Sex and Consent – Original Club Mix – Long & Harris (28:26)
TRUE – Monte
Sneakin’ Toronto – Basement Jaxx (43:45)
Holdin’ On – Soul II Soul (47:44)
Boost (Original Mix) – Free Bubble (51:28)
Power To The People – Basement Jaxx (56:20)