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MM168 march 17

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A Radio show that would like to fly (More than) one day

Wow! another week and another episode of DJGrrr-eh’s|DJ Grey – Show, Moving Music _ Other Series this time (Challenging Listening @ its best) _ ‘Its Academic’ – has a narrow selection of music this time, late 20th and 21 century ‘classical’ music ((without classics)) mostly appreciated with an ear firmly in the serious study/academic camps, lots of serial keyboard works ((including a toy kybrd)) are featured.

‘Other’ is my new series of mostly unclassifiable music all crashed ((skillfully)) together.

Bonus points awarded in Id’ing the person who wrote ‘I was in a prematurely air conditioned super market’.

168 Other Series – Its Academic – March 17, 2017

God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters – Moby (0:00)
Etude 1 – Philip Glass (5:46)
Racy: Ecstasy – Ali Jihad Racy: Kronos Quartet (10:15)
JCDC2012 commission – Robert Ashley
Trial-Prison Pt. 1 – Philip Glass Ensemble (24:22)
Trial-Prison Pt. 2 – Philip Glass Ensemble
Trial-Prison Pt. 3 – Philip Glass Ensemble
Trial-Prison Pt. 4 – Philip Glass Ensemble
III – Array Music (30:42)
Reich: The Four Sections – 3. Winds & Brass – Michael Tilson Thomas: London Symphony Orchestra
No. 1. Solo for Prepared Piano     – Zoltán Kocsis
The Window Of Appearances – Philip Glass
Four Walls Act 1 Scene VI – John Cage/ Margaret Leng Tan/ Joan La Barbara (49:50)
Cage: Suite Toy – 1 – Martine Joste
Apocryphon – John Zorn
Cage: 7 Haikus – 3 – Martine Joste
Etude 2     – Philip Glass (58:22)