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MM187JUly 28

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A radio show featuring select group of artists this summer at Shambhala Music festival, an un-official radio show one of two.

Welcome to my Grrr-eh’s – Show, Moving Music _ 2017 Annual Shambhala Series (1 of 2) _ Fractal Living – Slower Road Tunes. This road mix is a soundtrack of Shambhala artists at their mostly mellow best, actually I wouldn’t expect you will hear any of this specific music as most artists bring there DJ sets to the BC Forest. Regardless I wouldn’t miss Opiuo, The Polish Ambassador, Rob Garza, Father Funk, WBBL and Moontricks.

Might suitable for a filtered light of a late afternoon or early morning rest stop.

Frrr-ee Download Here:

187 DJGrrr-eh Moving Music Shambhala Series Fractal Living July 28, 2017

† ELLA † – Woolymammoth (0:00)
Home – Moontricks (4:40)
Circus Bender – The Polish Ambassador (8:54)
Falling In (Ft. Mimi Page) – Illenium X Said The Sky (13:30)
Suga Suga (Defunk Remix) – Baby Bash
Summertime (Rhythm Scholar Remix) – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
FML (Vanic Remix) – K.Flay (26:50)
Electric Feel – Nick Talos vs. CRW (31:00)
Calle Del Espiritu Santo (Rob Garza’s Malasana Remix) – Rob Garza & Neighbour
Word To Spread Ft. Chali 2na & Tom Thumb (2Budz Remix) – Funk Hunters
Get Down Low (Sub Killaz Remix) – Sub Killaz
Omniversal Preview Minimix – Opiuo
Rick & Morty – The Recipe For Concentrated Dark Matter – WBBL & Father Funk (41:40)
Fury – Z-Trip Feat. Jack Dangers – Z-Trip
Welcome To My Culvert – Liquid Stranger (50:11)
I Do Coke – Kill The Noise (1:05:33)
Chill or Be Chilled ft Nitty Scott – The Polish Ambassador