DJ Grey

Moving Music #473 March 24/03

  • Moving Music #473-March 24/23
  • DJ Grey
  • Moving Music #473-March 24/23
  • DJ Grey
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Glll-itch Even Nicer by DjGrrr-eh – DJG473 from the Special Series / 24 March 2023

Oh no not again, DJ Grey, has gone all glitchy again, again, he is calling this show 473, Glitch, Even Nicer, still with the electronic torture, I give up, please enjoy, cannabis.

Usually Evil Music: Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Glitch, Industrial, Techno (especially Hardcore Techno) – The Doomsday Device

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Cannabis – DJ Pon-3
Black Panther – CloZee
Medusa (feat. Wreckno) – Super Future Remix – GRiZ
WellFunk – Vibesquad
Some Chords Jauz Re-Remix – Jauz
Raise Your Weapon – Deadmau5
Abysmal – NotLö
Champions Request – Mat the Alien & Outsider
Rickandmorty Riddim dubstep mix – CruStStep_Dubz
Thonk – An-ten-nae
Weed Man (Nikolarn Edit) – Major Lazer
Gordion Knot – Willdabeast
Feel It All (feat. Chrishira Perrier) – GRiZa
Topper Top (DJ Bark Lee Cut) – Sir Spyro
Tie-Dye Sky – GRiZ
Bob Molly – Space Jesus
Thunderdome – Minnesota & G Jones
Tsabary__in_memoriam_karlheinz_stockhausen(24) – Stockhausen