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Moving Music #480 May. 12/03

  • Moving Music #480-May 12/23
  • DJ Grey
  • Moving Music #480-May 12/23
  • DJ Grey
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Less Than < by DjGrrr-eh – DJG480 from the RiseUP (Dance) Series / 12 May 2023

Why hello movement seekers, Grrr-eh is here with Show 480, it’s a danceable presentation called, Less Than, with some slower tempo favourites, dancing red shoes on, Yes, well then, let’s get back to the top.

RIP – Trugoy the Dove, De La Soul

By the way DUArt is partly to blame for some of this music again . . .

“Always look to the positive, and never drop your head, for the water will engulf us, if we do not dare to tread, so let’s tread water.” ― De La Soul

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Back To The Top – CloZee, Dreamers Delight, Britt Lari
Trigger Hippie – Morcheeba
We the People…. – A Tribe Called Quest
Breakadawn (Rhythm Scholar Early Morning Radio Remix) – De La Soul
Station ID
Hip Hop Fun – Mit-Rich
Slums of Monte Carlo – De Phazz
New York City (DJ Strobe Brooklyn Vibe Mix) (Featuring Norah Jones) – Peter Malik Group
What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
Riders Of The Storm (Zuma Dionys remix) – The Doors
Free At Last – Blue Hawaii
Take Care (Gamper & Dadoni Remix) – Drake (feat. Rihanna)
The Juiceman Cometh ft. Saqi – The Polish Ambassador
Midnight Memories – Miguel Migs
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