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Moving Music #491 July 28/23

  • Moving Music #491-July 28/23
  • DJ Grey
  • Moving Music #491-July 28/23
  • DJ Grey
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Assorted by DjGrrr-eh – DJG491 from the Comedy Series / 28 July 2023

Time once again for the yearly Firesign Theatre Special, called Assorted, the 491st show with edited, Dear Friends and Let’s Eat Syndicated Programs, from The Duke of Madness Motors DVD, Ready for your mister announcer lesson?

The reading today is from the book of Punter, Chapter 9, Verse 17: (“All we have to fear is me.”)
– Dear Friends – Firesign Theatre

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that tech problem….
radioradio(shorteryet) – Peter Bergman
DJG491 – Tessa
Dear Friends – Syndicated Program 08 – Being On Radio Is More Fun Than Watching TV – Firesign Theatre
Station ID
Ben Franklin: Hero or Hophead? – The Firesign Theatre
¡Carumba! – The Firesign Theatre
Station ID
Let’s Eat – Syndicated Program 09 – The Hilerio Spacepipe Show – Firesign Theatre
Rock or Roll Memory Bank – The Firesign Theatre
Bob Dylan at the Met – The Firesign Theatre
Bob’s Brazerko Lounge – The Firesign Theatre
Art Snob – The Firesign Theatre
Art of the Insane #2 – Firesign Theatre