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Moving Music #532 May10/24

  • Moving Music #532- May 10/24
  • DJ Grey
  • Moving Music #532- May 10/24
  • DJ Grey
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Space Boss by DjGrrr-eh – DJG532 from the Softer Slower Series / 10 May 2024

Space is this big cold place, largely without sound, so let’s fill it up a bit, it’s show, number 532, called Space Boss, beginning with warm blue

Space travel made me feel I have a personal obligation to be a good steward of our planet and to educate others about what’s happening to it. ~Chris Hadfield

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Warmblue – Floret Loret
SPACE BOSS – Liquid Stranger & Space Jesus
Station ID
Plastic Love Memory (No. Nine) – De-Phazz
Midheaven – Shakatura
Tars – Mielafon
Station ID
Alakazam (ID.Jay Remix) – Arco, Momo Khani
Go Away – Uvo
Life to Peace (Mauro Norti Remix) – Antrim
Atmos (Original Mix) [Another Life Music] – Paul (AR)
Pacific Ocean – Tim Enso
City Above The Clouds (Agustin Giri Remix) – Goda Brother
Wannabe – Alex Villanueva, David Salazar