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Mary’s Web 476-February 3, 2013

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PLAYLIST February 3/13
1.something inside- Liz -e
2 The march of skabah – Vitalic
3. Ship off shore – Madison
4.Drift away- Bleeding rainbow
5.Flower – Deerhoof
6.Diamonds – Lisa Germano
7.Days untrue – S.C.U.M
8.Party Kids – Sallie Ford and the sound outside
9.Farm – cultfever
10.The bisexual – Lawrence Arabia
11.two dimensions in a single frame – Malka Spigel
12.All the world is green – Tom Waits
13.Inta outta – Dj SUV and patlife
14.Bless you (Jen Fokking mix)- Lulu rouge
15. Balloon – Shuga Tokumura