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DJGrrr-eh (DJGREY) MM58 – GravityGroomer

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A place to Encourage Imagination?

58 This weeks DJGrrr-eh’s – Show, Moving Music is titled ‘Gravity Groomer’ I’m imagining a long slow slope of spring corn snow – or maybe a perfect single track ride, gravity in action, imagining those newly found tetra quarks – Z(4430) acting on everything under you and above and on those sawing strings – a Massive Attack. We Exist!

Might suitable for a perfectly imagined day.


Arcade Fire, Sunlounger, Orbital Feat. Zola Jesus, Shwanza, Kaine ((new every friday))

DJGrrr-eh (DJGREY) Moving Music_Gravity Groomer

We Exist – Arcade Fire
Wait For Me. Remixes Mashup 2 – Moby
Another Day On The Terrace – Sunlounger
Gravity (Psychemagik Heavy Weight Edit) – Michael Sembello
Paradise Circus (Feat. Hope Sandoval) – Massive Attack
Burundi bedsong – Grass Skirt
New France – Orbital Feat. Zola Jesus
Adagio For Strings – Leonard Bernstein: New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Phathead (Mudd Bondi Remix) – Kaine
Rose Rouge – (Joris Voorn Secret Mix) – St Germain
Looking [Tosca Mix] – Shwanza