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Mary’s Web #896 – Feb.21/2021

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Mary’s Web # 896 Feb.21/21

Intro to Mary’s Web by Dennis Burton (R.I.P.)

-21 is 2021 releases and the rest are 2020 or earlier

Spider baby  – Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Break’em On Down – Soledad Brothers
Preachin’ More Fuckin’ Blues  – Immortal Lee County Killers
Custom car crash  – Calla
The Waiting Ane Brun -21
Cish Cash  – Basement Jaxx Feat. Siouxsie Sioux
Red Cameron  – Graves -21
Won’t Tell  – Rulers
Unchained  – El nino diablo -21
Old Father Thyme (Gwenno Remix)  – Paul Weller
At The Moonbase  – Slaughter Beach, Dog -21
La Jolla  – Causa Sui
And it can suck a monkey thru 30 ft of garden hose- id Ren and Stimpy
Do The Monkey  – The Mad 3
Monkey Glands  – Black Strobe
Monkey Eats Bananas  – Princess Chelsea
Greasemonkey  – Gonjasufi
The Jungle Line – Joni Mitchell
You Would Not See from Heaven  – Here Lies Man -21
Emotion feat. Wild Nothing  – Molly Burch -21
Cloud Parade Michael –  Peter Olsen -21
Techno Dziadek Fanfara  – Awantura -21
Don’t (Make Waves)  – The Gossip
Never Enough –   Piroshka ( For Carol! )
The Boy That Invented Rock & Roll  – The Psychedelic Furs
When I Was Yesterday  – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Got What I Want – The Sights
No Time for Love Like Now  – Michael Stipe and Big Red Machine (Aaron Dessner)