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MM 327 june 5/20

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Hi Hi, Welcome to DJ Grrr-eh’s, moving music, this week with a Paz and Jop show, heavy on the Jazz, entitled, Saint Navarre Jazz. This show features old and some newer songs that are remixed, Pays tribute to the French Musician St. Germain. Chill Out!

Turn your eyes away from fear. 
Discontinue the conversations 
of fear if you choose to embrace 
the fullness of your heart
- St. Germain

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DJG 327 Moving Music_PazJop_St Navarre Jazz – 5 June 2020

Prelusion – St Germain (0:00)
Alabama Blues (1965 Mix) – St Germain (7:08)
Acid Jazz – Twyzum Moore (14:44)
Coffee Talk [Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix] – St. Germain (18:13)
Walk So Lonely – St. Germain (26:13)
How Dare You (Manoo Remix) – St Germain (30:35)
What’s New (Homero Espinosa Edit) – St. Germain (37:10)
Get a Move On! – Mr. Scruff (45:16)
Rose Rouge – Safia Bahmed-Schwartz (51:51)
So Flute (Tom Bug Remix Edit) – St. Germain (52:50)
Ame Saoul – ‘Am Soul – Esprit Jazz (58:00)
Pardonne – Revel (1:04:01)