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MM 349 nov 6/20

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WOW, a different focus for a Moving Music show, this one goes back to the early 80’s, in Calgary Canada, contains a few of the many bands who played at a community Nightclub and Performance Art Space called ‘Ten Foot Henry’s’, ready to get back, It’s a then feeling.

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Special Thanks to for the archive of Calgary (and some other) Music digitized from Cassette and otherwise.

Show dedicated to the late Allen Baekeland ((Now Feeling))

When the xenonman comes will you and I go with him dancing and laughing like she did on her wedding night – Kirk Miles

349 Moving Music_Special Ten Foot Three – 6 November 2020

One Hand Clapping – The Nex’d (0:17)
Thirteen Stories – Sacred Heart of Elvis (4:24)
Escalator – Now Feeling (6:18)
Lookin Around – The Verdix (8:54)
Wheezing Dog On Leash – Sacred Heart of Elvis (12:30)
FinalStep – RipChords (14:37)
Purple Girl – Now Feeling (18:00)
When the Xenonman – Kirk Miles (23:30)
ChainOfFools – RipChords (24:58)
Live in Animation – The Will…(27:51)
And I Wonder… (Alternate Version) – Tau Ceti (31:20)
Carved Smiles – The Nex’d (35:24)
It’s All Too Much – Tau Ceti (39:10)
Instrumental Three – Mode D’Emploi (43:35)
RaggaeRumble – RipChords (45:08)
Three Handy Recipes for Summoning Up from the Deep – Kirk Miles (48:51)
Bay-Ray Rap – Mode D’Emploi (50:36)
The Garden of Love – The Will… (56:38)