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Moving Music #508 Nov.24/23

  • Moving Music #508- Nov.24/23
  • DJ Grey
  • Moving Music #508- Nov.24/23
  • DJ Grey
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The HummerSisters by DjGrrr-eh – DJG508 from the Special Series / 24 November 2023

It’s time to get back, way back to the early 80’s, for a bootleg audio copy of a concert with the Toronto band, the Government, and the Hummer Sisters performing their show, Nympho Warrior, – imagine then, if you will, a big crowd confronted with at least 30 old school video monitors, with a shit ton of early video art, and that sounded kind of like this.

Get Back to the early80’s Queen Street Sound in Toronto – Nympho Warrior- As performed at
Alberta College of Art Live off the Mixing Board

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DJG 508 Intro – Tessa
Electric Eye – The Government
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Nympo Warrior – The Hummer Sisters
Audience Interview – by Peter Moller
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RADIO2_Narrowcasting – Mary Flavors