DJ Grey

Moving Music #357 – Jan 1/2021

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Hello truth seekers, what follows is an Other presentation called, The Voyager Barr, It’s an audio word scape, mainly, by audio media explorers, Some funny, some rap, some not so human, are you ready, OK hold on, here comes some word, whip saw, action. Oh and here’s hoping for a truly Happy New Year.

Supposedly, John Cage once proclaimed “What about the Bible? And the Koran? It doesn’t matter. We have (Robert Ashley’s) Perfect Lives.”

Released in 1980, “The Bar” is the exact center of Perfect Lives – part 4 of 7. It was recorded just as Ashley was beginning to perform with his new group (Gordon, van Tieghem, and Kroesen), and allows us to hear another wonderful perspective on this genius work.” I produced the Calgary live version of the 3 Hour – Perfect Lives with Ashley cooperating with Performing Artservices of NYC while at Alberta College of Art Gallery (in 1983 I think).

DJG357 Grrr-eh Moving Music OtherSeries The Voyager Bar, 1 January 2021

Wordy Rappinghood (Portamento remix)43 Master 3.1 – Tom Tom Club (0:41)
The Role Of The Artist – Marshall McLuhan (7:35)
Perfect Lives (Private Parts) The Bar Side 1 – Robert Ashley (8:39)
Whale Songs – DAMMOR (23:46)
The Angel of Loneliness (from DUST) – Robert Ashley (24:35)
T’ain’t No Sin (Feat. Burroughs) – Tom Waits (29:40)
When Big Joan Sets Up – Captain Beefheart (31:55)
Found Voyager – The Truth Podcast (34:08)
Literacy Shakes ((Sigur Rós/Emancipator & Marshall McLuhan)) – Jarrod Storms (45:47)
Perfect Lives (PrivateParts) The Bar Side 2 – Robert Ashley (48:17)